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Nutrition Path, professional nutritional therapy in Bath and Frome with Milda. Stop dieting, bingeing, obsessing about food and weight loss. Discover freedom, mindful and intuitive eating instead.



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This is how I can support you…

You know that diets don't work, but you're not sure what else is there?


Ready to make a change, but not sure where to start?

The discovery call is perfect for you if you are confused with all the contradictory advice out there and you want to get crystal clear on what your next steps towards a healthier and happier life are.

Together, let's discover where you're at right now, where you want to go and how I can support you in your journey.

Are you fed up of losing control around food?

Have you tried everything and just want to discover a process, that works?

If you are ready to kick unhelpful habits for good and know that you you just need to roadmap to get there, this session is perfect for you.

In Bath, Frome & phone/ Skype

Session lasts up to 90 min

Food Peace Program

Do you feel like slipping back into old habits and going nowhere?


Do you know what to do, but keep sabotaging yourself?


This package is for you if you are starting to lose hope to change, but you're willing to do everything it takes to get out of the dieting, overeating and food obsession trap.


You are ready to create a healthy and 'normal' relationship to food and learn to accept your body, even if you don't remember what that means anymore.


3 month program

Is emotional eating and food obsession taking over your life?

Wish you had a 'normal' relationship with food?

  • Never binge again

  • Stop with one slice of cake

  • Never face another diet again

  • Look at body with compassion, not hatred

  • Get excited about eating out.

My name is Milda and I help women overcome ‘bad’ relationship to food, regain control and feel ‘normal’ around food. You might feel like you know everything about nutrition, yet the numerous weight loss diets, cleanses and Google searches left you completely lost and confused. Yet, the bingeing, compulsive overeating and food obsession persist…


Imagine, what it would feel like to instead:

And that is possible to you! Let me show you how…

If you can't wait to take action, then the FREE discovery call will help you find out how to stop emotional eating, food obsession and what the next steps are

Hey I’m Milda and I’m here to help you kick those unhelpful food habits and improve your relationship to food and body once and for all.  
Similarly to you, I experienced a long stretch of love-hate relationship with food and my body, until I decided ‘enough is enough’ and set out on a quest to end the vicious cycle of food and body prison for good.   
Having supported many amazing women like you towards healing their relationship with food that’s gone sour, I am confident that my approach of nutritional coaching (science meets holistic) can help you too transform your life.
More about Milda (DipCNM, BANT, CNHC) here >>
What my clients say...

Emma, 33, Bristol

When I came to Milda I was broken and messed up and the only way I could think to medicate the pain I felt inside was through food. She helped me to break the cycles and habits and I will be forever grateful to her for giving me light when all I could see was dark. I can't explain how much Milda helped me to change my life, but I do believe that she can help you change yours too. Read more

Emily, 31, Somerset

I cannot believe how far I have come and when I look back I am so proud. Food obsession is completely gone, I can finally trust myself around food and all the body image issues seem much smaller when I think back to the hell I used to live in. I am proud for looking at my body with compassion and loving eyes! I cannot believe that it has been just over a year since I had my last binge! Never thought I will EVER be able to say that Read more

Sara, 29, Bristol

I finally feel like I am not a slave anymore and a truthful, authentic person! I can enjoy my life without worrying about food or my body shape. I am full of energy and passion for life, I feel like I am capable to achieve anything! Read more

Andrea, 35, Bath

Thank you for your helpful insights and warm support Milda, I can honestly say that you have changed my life. I am feeling my healthiest, strongest and most confident than I have in years and it’s all thanks to you! Read more

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Get your FREE '21 Snacks to never go 'Hangry' again' cheat sheet now and reduce sugar cravings, while bursting with endless energy