Hey, I’m Milda,
I help women beat bingeing, emotional eating and food obsession by creating physical and emotional balance, so they can enjoy food without guilt and take back control of their lives.


Right now your life might be ruled by the number on the scale and your food choices dictated by what you ‘should’ eat and the calories on the pack. You are convinced that you’re addicted to sugar and considering a new plan or protocol you could try to lose weight. You wake up filled with regret and guilt about last night’s pizza and dread trying on those jeans.


The bottom line is, you know a change needs to happen and another diet simply won’t fix it (although simultaneously you are researching the newest cleanses in another tab right NOW).


And that’s exactly why you’re here.

Why me?


You tried weight loss programmes, alternative therapies and even some really crazy cleanses, yet nothing has worked so far. So how could I help?


I mean it when I say ‘I know what it’s like’. I know how my bursting stomach feels after eating two packs of ginger snaps in the supermarket car park without blinking. I know how it feels to lie to your flatmates with a straight face about ‘Who ate the whole tub of Haagen Daaz’. And I sure know how it feels to hate your body with a passion every time you see a mirror…


It all started with an innocent little diet in my teenage years, not because I needed to lose weight, but because it was fashionable and the pressure of perfect bikini bodies in the media has also got to me. One diet after another, I found myself deeper and deeper in the world of instant solutions, extreme cleanses and the next ‘fix’, yet my weight started to creep up, my anxiety increased and secretive binges became a regular part of my day. I thought I will have to control what I eat forever, otherwise my weight will spiral out of control.


After 10 years of living in a daily battle with my body, I was fed up. Deep down, I knew there was more to life than obsessing about food 24/ 7 and feeling depressed every time I’ve seen photos of myself. I knew the answer was out there, and I was ready.


  • I left my super stressful job as a sommelier in a Michelin star restaurant in London on a quest to heal myself with Nutritional Therapy.


  • A read a ton of clever nutrition books, self-help bibles and tried a load of techniques to find that ‘missing link’ that would finally ‘fix’ me.

  • Only by looking inwards and finding a formula that works for my unique body, I was able to transform my life, health and heal my body.


Armed with my personal past experiences, extensive training in food relationship and eating disorders and my clinical knowledge, I have since helped hundreds of women feel ‘normal’ around food and find peace with their bodies.


And I want to share it with you, too!


Meet your new nutrition GURU… Your Body


Countless diet books, protocols and Google searches later, it may feel that you know everything there is about nutrition and each new snippet of information is leaving you suspicious and confused. Yet the binges, overeating and emotional eating persist.


You don’t need another diet, meal plan or cleanse. Your body already knows what, when, how much it needs and it’s willing to tell you… if you’re willing to accept its apprenticeship.


Imagine what it would be like to:


  • Always trust yourself around food, in every situation (yes, I also mean that Chinese buffet) and stop with ONE slice of cake.


  • Eat what you like and when you like it and leave food on the plate because you’re full, not because everyone else around you has finished.


  • Never miss the meal with the girls in your favourite café, because you’re nervous about the menu choices or feel ‘too fat to go’.


Sounds good, doesn’t it?


This is the transformation I have gone through myself and helped some amazing inspiring women do the same with my ‘Food and Body Peace’ program.

Who is it for?


A moment of real honesty- if you’re looking for a quick fix, a magic meal plan or a crash diet to lose weight in a week, I’m not the best person to help you. Let’s face it, if diets and instant solutions really worked- there would be just a couple of diets out there, and we’d be running out of dieters.


But I know you’re smart and you know a different approach is needed. And that’s exactly why you’re here.


You’re ready to get out of the food- body prison and end the food obsession for good. I want you to succeed in this and I want you to have the freedom around food because you deserve to have the best this life has to offer (pssst, that does not include lying awake at night, worrying about the extra calories you had for lunch).

So let’s make this happen to you too.

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Success stories of women I've supported...

Kate, 45, Bath

I cannot believe how far I have come and when I look back I am so proud. Food obsession is completely gone, I can finally trust myself around food and all the body image issues seem much smaller when I think back to the hell I used to live in. I am proud for looking at my body with compassion and loving eyes!

I cannot believe that it has been just over a year since I had my last binge! Never thought I will EVER be able to say that. Read more

Like all programs, I had my reservations, if Milda was going to be any different to ‘other’ professionals, but I have really enjoyed working with her. Milda is SO knowledgeable and although I would say it hasn’t always been easy, she has adapted the programme to suit my needs – she has been very supportive, encouraging and persuasive, and helped me get through really difficult times.  

You are such a lovely person Milda, full of support, knowledge, patience, understanding. Read more

Emily, 31, Somerset

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