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• Do you struggle with an eating disorder or experience distress around food? 

• Is food obsession preventing you from living your life to the full? 

• Wished you had a better relationship with food and your body?

Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes and even if you have been struggling for a long time and tried many things before, know that full recovery is possible to you too. Whether you currently have an active eating disorder or are concerned about your relationship with food or your body, it is important to get support as soon as you can. 

One thing I want you to know is that You are NOT broken.

You may feel that you know all there is to know about nutrition and weight control, however, it doesn’t feel like you are in control anymore. Food has become the source of emotional management, punishment, joy, sadness and everything in between. 


Eating disorders are not limited to anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder (BED) and are unique to each person. Even if you think that you are “not sick enough”, yet food is on your mind all the time and your food and body relationship is making you miserable, it is important to seek support and guidance.


Right now you might be:


  • Dieting or restricting, compensating and manipulating your food. Calories, scales and measurements are essential parts of your day and even the smallest changes make you anxious. Your personal life, work or studies and social interactions are suffering and you don’t want to keep going this way.

  • Feeling completely out of control around food and powerless against urges, which are getting increasingly difficult to resist. By now you understand that it’s not just “calories in and calories out” and you’re curious to take a different approach

  • Unable to remember what it felt to have a “normal” relationship with food and worry that it is not possible for you in the future. You worry that you “ruined” your hunger and satiety signals and you simply cannot trust your body again.

Meet Milda


I’m a living example that it is possible to go from a completely chaotic relationship with food and a daily battle with your body, to living a happy, healthy and mindful life as an intuitive eater. After my own struggle with an eating disorder for over a decade I managed to fully recover, and I am passionate about helping you do the same. 

Equipped with my professional knowledge and specific training in eating disorders, personal experiences and years of supporting women to overcome eating disorders, I am confident that my approach can help you make your way towards lasting recovery too.

I have trained with the National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED), approved by the British Psychological Association (BPS):

  • NCFED: Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders

  • NCFED: Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders (Psychological Approach for Eating Behaviour and Weight Management)

  • NCFED: Practitioner Skills in Obesity Management


Overcoming an eating disorder requires addressing physical, mental, behavioural and emotional elements and I believe that a multi-disciplinary approach is the quickest way to lasting recovery. In my practice, I use nutritional guidance and apply a range of practical and mindset tools to help you relearn a new relationship with food, gain back control of your food habits and enjoy food without guilt, in every situation.

If you’re ready to break the cycles and patterns that are not serving you and are ready to create the freedom around food, you’re in the right place.


Imagine what it would feel like to:


  • Only think about food when it’s time to eat and feel relaxed and confident in your food choices

  • Know exactly how much and when to eat to maintain health and regular weight, without measuring or calculating

  • Feel relaxed and confident about eating out and be able to be fully present with people around you, instead of worrying about food

  • Be able to listen to your hunger and satiety signals and trust the cues that your body is sending you

  • Give your full attention to things that truly matter in your life, whether it’s relationships, your career or studies or bigger dreams that currently seem out of reach.



‘I have found the sessions incredibly helpful, and I was building my skills
at a pace that really worked for me. I am able to overcome different
scenarios when my eating becomes disordered and even if I have
setbacks, I know what to do and how to bring myself
back on track.' ~ Karen, 27, London

I see you. Whether you’ve been trying to find solutions yourself or have seen many professionals before, you are slowly losing your motivation and hope to change your relationship with food. Yet the alternative to keep living like you currently seems unbearable. 


If you’re unsure what to do next and you’d like to understand what’s keeping you stuck I’d love you to come to see me for a 90mi Food Peace Roadmap session.​

In the Breakthrough session together we will:

  • Explore which nutrition choices are driving or perpetuation your food habits and relationships and what you can do to change them now

  • Discover particular triggers and drivers and your life that have contributed towards the current situation

  • Discuss your goals, the best support and next steps to take in your food relationship journey.

After the session you will walk away with feeling:

  • Relieved, being able to make sense of your food issues and clear on why you feel stuck

  • Empowered to take action needed to change those food habits for good

  • Excited knowing that there is a ‘way out’ out and having options to get support on your recovery journey.

There will also be an opportunity to explore whether you’d benefit from working together long term to help you turn around your food issues into lasting recovery.


Food Peace Roadmap session


90min session Online, in Bath & Frome- £97


Email Milda if you have any questions here

Success stories of women I've supported...

Louise, 36, Somerset

This journey is so much more than just making peace with food…it has helped me realise that I am so much more than just how my body looks like and that I am a talented, loving and kind person. I never thought I would say that, but I feel empowered to live my life to the full and inspire others to do the same. Read more

Success stories of women I've supported...

Lydia, 31, Wiltshire

When I came to Milda I was at risk of being admitted to hospital with anorexia. I was scared to take the first steps and admitting that I had a problem was hard. However, due to our work together I feel much healthier and think about food less, am more productive and confident with my own choices. Plus, I advanced in my career, which I don't think I could have done previously, given my restrictive habits.
Read more

Jasmine, 34, Bath

I was binge eating regularly and this was having a huge impact on my daily life, happiness and self esteem. I also had problems with being kind to myself as well as managing my stress and anxiety levels. Our sessions equipped me with the tools and helped identify and change things in my day/week/life as necessary to look after myself well. This has given me a lot of hope and confidence for the future. Also, that I can get myself back to feeling good if I have a set back/time of feeling low again. Read more

Anna, 37, Frome

I have been lucky enough to work with the incredible nutritional therapist Milda. In just two sessions Milda has helped me see where so many of a lifetime of eating problems have come from and how they have manifested. This week I literally cried with relief at the thought of being excited to go to the market and not avoid the lovely smells and sights in the food quarter and actually buy something and enjoy it free from fear. This is such a big deal for me.

Elsa, 21, Somerset

In moving to university, I knew that I needed support to become more responsible for looking after myself nutritionally as well as restore weight in order to be more healthy and fully recover from anorexia. I have gained enough weight to restore my periods (I know I'm not done with weight restoration but for me, this is a huge achievement that I really didn't believe I would manage). I feel like I'm able to enjoy so many more situations now because I'm no longer terrified of the food that might be involved. My life has opened up because I can enjoy food in a social way, and this has been the most rewarding part of my recovery so far. Read more

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