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Making (water) drinking fun

Updated: Jan 21

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is common knowledge in the good health rulebook, but how many of us can honestly say that we drink enough water everyday?

I often notice my clients only drink water when they are extremely thirsty, but have in mind that this is the last sign of dehydration. If drinking less than enough water long term, the body will eventually stop sending thirst signals. For all the body knows, you may be in a desert with no water around...So watch out if you are not drinking much water and 'never feel thirsty'. This may just be the sign to drink up.

Human bodies are made from up to 60% water and requires regular hydration for cell renewal, food digestion, toxin flushing and many more. An average man should drink around 2.5l of water and a woman should drink 2l, which is the equivalent of 8 glasses. This does not include tea, coffee or juices, but does include herbal teas.

So what are the symptoms of dehydration?

  • Tiredness and fatigue

  • Storing excess weight, inability to lose weight

  • Joint pains, headaches

  • Irregular digestion and bowel movements

  • Inability to sweat and rid of toxins

Are you struggling to get enough water? Some of the common concerns I hear about water in my clinic:

1. I forget to drink

In our busy lifestyles, it is easy to forget to drink the 8 glasses of water per day. Get yourself a nice bottle (larger size, so you know that after drinking that you only have to add a little more that day) for water and leave it in front of you at work or at home. The more you like the look of it the better, as it will make water drinking more pleasant. If you are still struggling, set an alarm every hour to remind yourself.

2. I don't like water

Water can be perceived not as tasty as a juice or a soda and it seems to discourage many people from getting enough. We don't say that 'air doesn't taste good' and water is equally vital for our health and our lives.

If the taste of water isn't exciting enough, try infusing it with natural ingredients. Some of my favourites are:

- Lemon and lime

- Fresh mint

- Cucumber and coriander

- Grapefruit and rosemary

- Raspberry and lemongrass

3. I go for a wee too often

Contrary to the common belief, you will not go for a wee every 5min. It may seem that way once you start increasing the amount of water, but eventually, odourous the body will adjust and reach a balance. Dark colour and odourous wee is a sign of dehydration and toxins in the body. The body is considered fully hydrated once the urine becomes clear and odourless.

And if you are working at the desk all day, going to the toilet will give you the needed break!

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