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How to escape the cycle of emotional eating

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Do you find yourself constantly grazing throughout the day and unconsciously overeating? Do you turn to food when life's pressures get a little bit too much?

Stress and boredom may only be a mask for emotional eating and could be stemming from much deeper issues of self-worth and confidence. Here is some guidance how to start nurturing a relationship with yourself and put an end to emotional eating for good.

1. Stay mindful during mealtimes

As the world is filled with endless distractions, it is becoming harder and harder to stay mindful during mealtimes. Make a 'date' with yourself make sure you only eat from a plate, sat at a table without your phone or magazine. Pay attention to the colour and variety of your food, enjoy every bite. Chew your food better, take deep breaths and put down cutlery between. Practicing this simple technique will allow you to eat exactly the amount of food your body needs and may even improve digestion. Start with at least one mindful meal per day and notice how much harder it is to overeat when you are really present.

2. Learn to recognize pessimistic thoughts

Negative thoughts are unproductive patterns that are unhelpful, worthless and cause negative feelings to arise. Often we can be our own harshest critics that see the glass in front of us as always half- empty. Noticing negative thought patterns requires awareness and it can easily be transformed into a productive habit. Change the belief “I can't do that…” with a thought “I may not be able to do this right now, but I am on my way to learning how to...”. Although this require practice, changing pessimistic thoughts can help you develop a greater sense of self- worth and general wellbeing.

3. Create rituals of self- care

Chaos of everyday life can get overwhelming and relaxation and self-care starts taking the back seat. Challenge a common belief that “there is no time to rest” and create some valuable downtime. Create some relaxation rituals that do not involve food. Treat yourself to a monthly massage, light up some scented candles and take a long bath or attend that dance workshop that you always wanted to. Learning some new skills or gaining a new hobby will in turn increase your self-esteem.

Focus on the 'attitude of gratitude' and act from a place of abundance rather then lack. By recharging the body, nourishing the mind and lifting your spirits you will be much better equipped to manage the uncertainty of life and the urges for emotional eating.

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