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4 lazy breakfast ideas

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Does the often struggle of what to have for breakfast result in skipping it altogether? Be aware, as skipping breakfast may result on overeating for the rest of the day, unexplained cravings and energy level fluctuation.

Here are some quick and simple breakfast ideas to set you up for a well- nourished and balanced day. Even if it means doing some prep the night before, remember that will spare you the stress in the morning.

1. Grain porridge

Explore grocer’s shelves. Have you ever tried pearl barley, buckwheat or quinoa porridge? Soak the grains overnight and in the morning just bring to the boil, turn the hob down and leave it with a lid on. Perfect while getting ready for the day.

Simplicity is key, as it helps you enjoy the natural dense flavour of the grains, so add a good quality olive oil and some fresh herbs like basil or thyme to give it a twist.

2. Rye toast, avocado and boiled egg

Excellent choice of a balance breakfast on the go and super easy to prepare. Pack up a slice or two of rye bread, add mashed avocado on top with a squeeze of lemon and chili flakes. For extra energy slice a cut up hard-boiled egg.

3. Smoothie

Although smoothie is not seen as a novelty anymore, I believe there is not enough credit given to its simplicity and the element of convenience. Chuck berries, avocado, spinach, pinapple, cocoa powder and a squeeze of lemon for one of my favourite breakfast. Remember to pay enough attention to vegetables, making sure they contain at least half of the smoothie and add protein powder for extra energy boost.

4. Chia pudding or overnight oats

I simply don’t believe there is an easier thing to prepare for breakfast! Simply add chia seeds, alternative milk, nuts, berries and cinnamon, mix and leave overnight.

Overnight oats are really similar, just add more oats to the mix for slow release energy and softer texture.


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