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7 supplements to curb sugar cravings and urges for good

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

If sugar cravings and emotional eating are driving you mad and you need a bit of extra help, you’re in the right place. Sugar cravings are often equal blood sugar imbalance and the first task at hand should be to bring those levels into balance.

To know exactly how to manage it blood sugar imbalances, it’s great to know what can cause them in the first place. Skipping breakfast, excess stress, caffeine, sugar, excess exercise, diet deficiencies (not enough protein etc.), processed food, alcohol and the list goes on…

First things first, it’s important to sure the diet is full of colour and nutritious and delicious nutrients. Secondly, it’s all about complimentary lifestyle changes, such as taking time to rest and breathe. And thirdly, use some of these supplements to help make the process smoother.

Here are some of my favourite supplements to end those cravings and urges fast:

  • Cinnamon- this spice has been used for centuries for many health concerns and in many ancient cultures (Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine) and is now being adopted by alternative complimentary medicine of the Western World. Cinnamon seems to help increase insulin sensitivity and therefore help balance blood sugar more effectively.

  • Chromium, one of the most important micronutrients for blood sugar balance and metabolism of lipids, glucose and proteins. Can be taken with biotin or on it’s own, however taken together with biotin the blood sugar balancing effects seem increase significantly.

  • Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)- helps blood sugar balance, supports muscles, eye and skin health (among all of its benefits). Available in supplement form, as well as in broccoli, spinach, sprouts, tomato and rice bran. Even more reasons to make sure you eat your greens.

  • Magnesium- one of my absolute favourites to suggest, as so many of us in our modern culture can benefit with topping up magnesium levels. Found abundantly in a well-balanced diet, however excess stress, activity and exercise can deplete magnesium easily. Incredibly efficient in promoting physical and mental relaxation and sleep, magnesium is also brilliant and supporting blood sugar balance.

  • Medicinal mushrooms- the many incredible benefits are only now starting to reach Western medicine. Medicinal mushrooms act as ‘adaptogens’ and therefore are easy on the body with minimal or none of the side effects. Some mushrooms, like lions mane, reishi, maitake and cordyceps support blood sugar balance and can alter stress response.

  • Gymnema Silvestre- another favourite from Ayurveda, India that has been used medicinally for centuries. Gymnema leaf can help normalise blood sugar levels and curb unwanted cravings, if taken consistently for a few months.

  • Rhodiola or ashwaghanda- although these are adaptogenic herbs and may not affect blood sugar balance directly, they play an important role for all the ‘stress cadets’ out there. If you need and extra hand when it comes to stress management and relaxation, apoptogenic herbs are the ones to go for.

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