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Does your body really need ANOTHER detox?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Sun is out and once again we start the 'perfect bikini body' marathon in the media and all around us.

How many of your friends, family members or colleagues are on a diet or on a similar quest to weight loss and to get 'beach body ready'?

After saving my 'skinny clothes' from my teenage years and going through the same cycle of anxiety and despair before the summer, I realised that it was only making me binge and obsess about food!

The truth is, our body's do not need an intense detox, cleanse or another diet every spring- it only needs our gentle cleansing support.

Watch this video and find out what you need to do this spring!

If you'd like to explore how avoiding strict diets and extremes can help you gain more balance, better health and better relationship with food, I offer FREE discovery sessions. To explore your current situation, goals and next steps, book HERE.

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