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Are carbs 'bad'? Let's challenge Carbophobia

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

If you've ever been on a diet or any sort of 'downsizing' meal plan, you will know so well how carbohydrates are the one macro nutrient that get cut firstly.

Moreover, every other sources tells us different information and carbs that were 'bad' yesterday suddenly become OK today and visa versa. All we need to do is head to Google and we can find infinite answers and ... opinions around carbs.

I really urge you to stay smart and remember that we cannot survive without carbs. Period.

The real conversation to be had around the quality, quantity and sources or carbs. If you feel completely confused and unclear about what to eat, watch this video and feel free and clear about which carbs to eat guilt-free!

Need support in overcoming food beliefs that aren't true? I offer FREE discovery sessions, so let's chat. To book, head HERE.

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