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How to feel good and avoid overeating on summer holiday

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Summer holidays are approaching and it's certainly common to feel slightly nervous about feeling good and enjoying the holiday fully.

Does this sound familiar:

  • Feeling bloated and low energy from day 2 of the holiday?

  • Feeling irritable and having a row with your partner?

  • Going 'to town' on bread, sugar and alcohol and getting into a 'holiday cycle' ?

  • Thinking to yourself 'I already had an ice-cream this morning, might as well try all 3 desserts for dinner'?

  • Worry about gaining weight and devising a weight- loss and exercise plan while sunbathing at the beach?

Imagine what it would be like to actually feel amazing every single day on your break and go to bed filled with wonderful experiences and have no regrets, bloated belly or guilt around food and drink? 😲

Watch this video as I share some DOs and DON'Ts while on summer holiday, so you can get the best of your experience, feel energised and stop with only one slice of cake!

If you ready to curb sugar cravings, emotional eating and 'bad' relationship with food for good, download my FREE 7 day Curb the Crave meal plan HERE.

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