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How to decrease your cravings by tackling summer insomnia

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Do you notice your cravings increase in the summer?

Perhaps instead of salads and fresh produce you're craving more sweets?

Are you finding it easy to get enough good quality sleep when it's brighter for longer outside? You might not be surprised at all, but the cravings and poor sleep are hugely related. Something as simple as missing 2 h of precious sleep 2 nights in a row can be the same reason why you're finishing the whole tin of brownies late in the evening. But it's good to know it's not your willpower- just your body trying to get back precious energy in other ways. Although I'm not a light sleeper, in the summer I notice that it's harder to fall asleep and I'm awake at the break of dawn... Which can leave me with low energy for the rest of the day. In the summer energy is high, birds are signing from 5 am and the sun doesn't go down till 10 pm... So how to fully embrace the joys of summer, yet make sure that your sleep and rest is No1? Imagine what it would be like to feel refreshed and amazing every single morning, enjoy summer to the full and only put into your body what will nourish it? If you experience 'summer insomnia', watch this video and get some tips on how to get your sleep mojo back. A couple of little changes in sleep hygiene can go a very long way!

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