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New Year’s Resolution: Stop Dieting and Make Friends with Your Body in 2019

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Go around the office Christmas party or raise the question at a New Years’ party, and it seems everyone shares one major resolution in common: to lose weight. As soon as the leftover turkey sandwiches have been polished off on Boxing Day, diet experts are consulted, low-calorie programs are followed, and scales are put to work full time.

What if this year we were to flip the “new year, new you” concept? Instead of trying to change your body, your look or your style, how about embracing who you are and what you’ve got? In doing so, you will exude a new sense of confidence that will give a whole other spin to the “new year, new you” idea.

By letting go of the pressure to conform to society’s beauty ideals, you will find a healthy way to reinvent yourself and blossom into the self-assured person you already are inside.

Take an entirely new approach to your 2019 resolutions by throwing the old ones out of the window: it’s time to wave goodbye to dieting and say hello to befriending your body. Here are a few steps to help you along the way.

Turn Cooking & Eating into a Mindful Social Event

Instead of adhering to strict diet plans and spending the best part of your day calculating calories, reestablish positive associations to food by turning cooking and eating into a mindful social event.

Invite supportive friends and family members over to help you prepare nutritious, healthy and fun meals you can enjoy together. Find different ways to motivate each other to truly savor and relish your culinary efforts by turning it into a leisurely, unrushed affair. Share recipes, eat mindfully and enjoy each other’s company.

Throw Out Your Scale & Calorie Calculator

The best way to start adopting a positive attitude towards your body and eating habits is by ridding yourself of any of the tools you use to lose weight and keep a constant check on your diet.

Calorie counting apps and even your bathroom scale will keep you coming back to a negative thought process regarding your body image. It’s time to free yourself of these negative thinking patterns by throwing these tools out!

Ditch the Gym & Head Outside

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym – exercise in any shape or form is healthy as long as it doesn’t become obsessive. Certain exercise environments - such as gyms and yoga studios, for example– however, can trigger negative thought patterns as their advertising images are usually catered at the super (physically) fit.

It your local gym or yoga studio doesn’t make you feel inspired and motivated to keep coming back, ditch them and take your exercise outside. Turn it into a ritual, a moment all to yourself in a natural environment that can only inspire positive thoughts!

Get Naked & Get Used to It

This may sound a little out there but, if you really think about it, it shouldn’t. How can we learn to love our bodies if we are constantly covered up with clothes? And when we’re in a bikini, we’re constantly tucking and twisting to hide bits we don’t like or are considered shameful by society.

Learn how to be naked and enjoy it! Go to the sauna with your girlfriends, go skinny dipping in remote lakes and start turning “naked Sundays” into a thing. You’ll be surprised at just how freeing and empowering finding comfort in your nudity can be.


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